Opening A Hearing Aid Center But Don't Know Where To Start?

Don't Get Bogged Down with the Paperwork!

Starting a hearing aid center from scratch is not easy.

Audiologists quickly realise that there is more to it than fitting hearing aids. In fact, fitting hearing aids is the easy part.

Without a good system in place to manage your information and documents, your evenings and weekends will quickly be filled with months or years of annoying paperwork which you can never seem to finish.

After all, wouldn't you like to spend more time getting and serving clients than worrying about stock and inventory and invoices?

And wouldn't you like to be able to click on the client's name, and be able to see all of that's client's pertinent information in electronic format in a second's notice. No waiting, no paper, no confusion.

Silver Audition can help you to achieve this in record-breaking time.


Pre-Written, Pre-Formatted Documents

Ready-made brochures, visit cards and every pertinent form will be prepared for you.

But most importantly, we provide you with all the tools to manage your clients, agenda, activities, documents, letters, progress, invoices, stock, inventory, payments.

Your letters, invoices and reports are pre-written and pre-formatted in your language of choice. Your agenda is color-coded and easy to track. Most Phonak products are already saved in the database, ready to be retrieved when needed.

And the beauty is that it's PAPERLESS and all client-related information and documents are saved under the client name.

Most importantly, it's all NOAH-COMPATIBLE so all your hearing aid programming is saved under the client name where it should be.


Spend Time On Clients, Not On Paperwork

Our ultimate goal is the same as yours. You concentrate on the client, not on the administration or the paperwork! Isn't that every entrepreneur's ultimate goal?

If you're a company of one person or ten people, all the information is accessible with the click of a button and it's all stored in a very logical way.

So the audiologist or the occasional assistant can find what he/she needs within seconds from any workstation.

You can even consult and modify any information from your home computer.

So you can spend more time on the client and less on the administration.

It's that easy!


We Train Your Assistant!

Thinking about hiring an assistant but don't know where to start? For some, this can be a daunting task which can take up to 6 months!

Let us take care of training your assistant so that you don't have to.

We have simple fool-proof tools to train your assistant on how to clean hearing aids, do simple repairs, and send invoices and reports.

Invoices, reports and documents are pre-written and fool-proof so that anyone can generate a professional-looking document with the click of a button, even after only one week on the job. Sounds like a dream? It isn't.

What's more... Your assistant can even work part-time from home using the on-line database.


Reduce Accountant Fees to a Minimum

People who start new hearing aid centers sometimes forget that they have to submit critical receipts to their accountant annually or bi-annually for preparation of the income statement, a process that costs thousands per year, and thousands more if your books are not in good order.

From day 1, Silver Audition can set up a simple and lean document filing system for submission to your accountant, so that the paperwork is streamlined and your accountant fees are reduced to a minimum.


Let Us Worry About Your Website

Last but not least, a company is not visible to the outside world without a good website. Here we can help too.

We can provide you with a choice of standard templates for your website and then assist you with the content, even go so far as writing your content based on your strengths and qualities, thereby differentiating you from the others.


No need for expensive computers

In fact, an ordinary Windows-based PC or portable laptop will do.

All your data is stored offsite, so no need to do your own backups and no need for large hard disks.

Your computer is simply used to consult your offsite database from work or from home. What can be better?


What does all of this cost?

Much less than if you were to hire someone to do it on their own.

For the whole process, we propose a fixed consulting fee or a monthly fee over 6 to 12 months. To find out more, ask us for a quote.